Home Study

The Walker children enjoy a walk in the orchard


Big brothers Kevin, Corey, and Casey introduce their siblings,
Hope and Caleb to the joys of a simple walk with family.


We provide a thorough and complete home study process for most California residents who are adopting through our programs, are working with another facilitating organization or those who have located a child through their own resources. Our home study department offers friendly, efficient service at a cost-effective fee with no wait. We will tailor your home study to meet the requirements of your facilitator and the country from which you adopt.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS) provides a tip sheet on home study questions


USCIS Home Study Tip Sheet for Non-Hague Reports



USCIS Home Study Tip Sheet for Hague Reports


For an overview of the home study process, please click on the attached article reproduced with the permission of Child Welfare Information Gateway http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/f_homstu.pdf


Schedule Of Case Work Fees

Effective January, 2015

General Polices

Changes are made free of charge if requested before the home study is approved and finalized. Our fees also include the preparation of companion documents to studies as long as the format is provided by the placing agency and the request is made before the home study is completed.  Clients are  charged  additional  fees  for  all  services  or  changes  requested  after  the  home  study  has  been approved and finalized. Notarized originals are provided at no charge but ATWA does not provide apostilles or certifications. The ATWA fees quoted below include the application fee, if any. The fees listed do NOT include fees charged by other organizations such as USCIS, fingerprint services, parent education or the cost of obtaining documents needed for the home study.

Home Study – $2500
The charge for families new to ATWA.  The home study fee covers all services provided by ATWA.

Re-Study – $2100
The charge for families who have previously completed a home study with ATWA and are applying for a re-study after adopting.

irst Extensive or Hague Update – $1200

The home visit(s), child abuse checks and new verifications needed for families who completed a home study with ATWA and are in need of updated study after an extended period of time  This fee also applies to ATWA families changing from a non-Hague study to a Hague format.

Update for New Immigration (CIS) Approval – $750 – $850
The home visit(s), child abuse checks and new verifications needed for an updated home study to obtain or extend immigration approval for a non-Hague adoption or for Hague adoptions after the first update.  The higher fee is charged for families living more than two hours from a social worker.

Other Updates/Amendments/Addenda – $150 – $650
The charge for changes to original home studies, re-studies, or updates to the original document.  $150 is the minimum charge when no social work visit is required and minimal revisions are requested to a study. Cases that involves a social work visit (like a change of residence) will be charged the higher amounts.

Document Changes – $150 – $250
Changes  to  document  formats  as  required  by  a  placing  agency  after  the  original  study has been approved and finalized.

Post-Adoption/Post-Placement – $400 per report for if one child is adopted
There is an added fee of $100 per report for each additional child adopted at the same time, even if biological siblings.  If ATWA is required to sign a commitment letter for post-adoption/placement, fees are usually due before the home study reports or updates are released. Otherwise, fees may be due before travel. Post-adopt/placement fees are accounted for separately and are refunded if not needed on a report-by-report basis.  For instance, if a family moves outside California, ATWA will refund one report fee at a time upon receipt of a notarized original with pictures from an alternate agency.

Re-Adoption – $550 or $650 per if one child is adopted
If completed in combination with a post adopt/placement visit, the charge is $550 since one visit will suffice for both services.  If contracted for separately, the fee is $650.  If arranged for at the same time, there is an added fee of $100 for each additional child’s re-adoption, even if siblings.

Adoption Following Custody Abroad                                  $2000 if one child is adopted

Includes four visits with a social worker plus a report to the court.